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Who We Are

Over the years, Orange Tulip Studio has served the needs of a wide variety of clients and businesses. Our breadth of knowledge and experience has allowed us to harness the energy of the hits and learn important lessons from the rare misses. Following in the footsteps of our mentors, we relish a challenge and welcome adversity, as it brings out the best in us each and every time.

Our Services

Brand Development

Your brand identity is widely regarded as being made up of six key aspects; physique, personality, culture, relationship, reflection and self-image. When each aspect is thoughtfully and completely executed it creates indelible connection between you and your customers.

Product Photography

An image is worth a thousand words to most of the world. Well, to us, an image can be worth much, much more. The care and craftsmanship to goes into creating an image that represents you in your fullest form shouldn’t be taken lightly. Let us show you how to see yourself in the right light.


You can’t sell a million dollar item in a one cent box but you can sell a one cent item in a million dollar box. Our packaging team lives by these words. Color, form, texture, function. These are our four pillars of comprehensive packaging solutions.

Social Media Management

Like a petulant teenager; unruly, incorrigible, emotional and moody, social media can be a difficult proposition. Let our team reign in the strands and deliver data-driven creatives that make a difference to your bottom line.


The constantly evolving world of web development requires absolute commitment to the discipline. Everyday new technology moves the needle and staying ahead of the curve can be the difference between solid conversions or oblivion. Our web team explores each aspect of your e-footprint to ensure form, function and facilitation.


Some of our team may contend that print is the most underrated aspect of branding and in some ways we think they’re right. The physical manifestation of your identity can truly tip the scales in your favor. Our research has shown that over 75% of buying decisions are actually made in-store. Can you afford not to be in that space?


Websters defines marketing as; the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Well Webster, we couldn’t have said it any better than that. Let’s start a discussion about how we can bring your product or service to it’s fullest form.


Multi-platform, geo-targeted, demographic driven ads are our core competencies. Spending smart money in the right place at the right time takes patience and persistence. Our ad guys really dig-in and do the work and they’ve cultivated an environment based on years of experience to ensure the best bang for your buck.


Your logo conveys the emotion, spirit and essence of who you are. Nothing is more important. It sends the markers down the line that inform every aspect of your identity. Thoughtful, creative and informed, our team takes the time to develop a logo that will stand the test of time and create a long and lasting impression.

We take

No Shortcuts

It is  a digital world, with so many advanced tools and technology at our disposal, but we just can’t get over the simple feel of pencil drawing on paper.

Working Process

Money is tight. Customers are finicky as hell. New competitors keep coming out of the woodwork and Jeff Bezos is trying to take over the world. Margin erosion keeps eating at your bottom line and honestly you just need a vacation. It’s okay, take a deep breath. Your intellectual property is the only thing worth a damn in this crazy swap meet of a modern day business world.
…”You can’t sell a million dollar item in a one cent box but you can sell a one cent item in a million dollar box”…

Some of our work

Logo Design | Branding | Packaging
La Petite Fée
Logo Design
Clean Cut Stone
Branding | Packaging | Logo
Unique & United
Logo Design
Earth Co.
Logo Design | Branding | Packaging
Unicorn Hair
Product Photography
Lauren Marier
Branding | Packaging | Logo
Logo Design | Branding
Ofir Construction
Rotem Fhima - Founder

Owner of Orange Tulip Studios, founder and CDO of Branding Sucks and principle partner in FGCA. Rotem has designed, built, marketed brands and strategies for over 18 years supporting thousands of clients in a multitude of verticals. His creative principles are derived from his passion for life, love and aesthetics. As part of several retail based e-commerce companies he has overseen campaigns that have paid huge dividends for clients and investors alike.

Some of our partners

Here, at Orange Tulip Studio, we specialize in the art of details.
We take pride in our logo design; a field we love and excel in.
If your project needs special attention; and you like to stand out in an ever evolving visual world; Orange Tulip Studio is your place. We are not the fastest nor the cheapest, but we always strive to be the best.
People call it graphic design, we call it LOVE.


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